Advanced Ceramic Fibre and Microporous Insulation for the Automotive Market

Thermal Ceramics manufactures a wide range of materials and components used throughout the global automotive market. Our engineered solutions Superwool® low biopersistent fibres and WDS® Microporous are used in the automotive sector to help vehicle designers achieve optimal thermal management and fire protection throughout the engine, exhaust, control systems and battery systems.

The automotive sector continues to push the boundaries of performance vs. weight in conventionally powered vehicles and new technologies. Our products offer effective thermal management in automotive applications such as the exhaust tract and in the engine compartment, with considerable weight and space savings over conventional materials. 

The products we supply to the automotive sector include: 

  • Superwool® EST Fibres for managing and preventing thermal runaway propagation between Cells, Modules and Packs in Electric Vehicles
  • Custom engineered and delivered Heat Shields using our Shell and Sandwich Technology solutions or we provide materials to automotive fabricators of heat shields
  • Porextherm® WDS® microporous insulation solutions 
  • Superwool Bulk Fibres for friction applications
  • Kaowool® and Superwool Paper Fibres for Filtration applications

Our core strength is our engineering capability, knowledge and established relationships across the automotive industry. Using our materials and our applications expertise to design, manufacture and install optimum, reliable thermal solutions.

Our automotive applications team will work with you to engineer and supply the most appropriate thermal insulation solution for your project, anywhere in the world. To discuss your application requirements, contact us today.