High Temperature WDS® and BTU™ Microporous solutions

Start to redefine the term “hot“ in your applications and explore the opportunities with our microporous high temperature insulating products – WDS and BTU.

High Temperature WDS and BTU Microporous Insulation

With a temperature stability of up to 1100°C (2012°F), our comprehensive portfolio of microporous offers an ideal product for every application, for example, for use as backing insulation in the steel, aluminum, and glass industry. 

Thermal Ceramics offers microporous products available as BTU or WDS depending upon application needs,. Microporous WDS and BTU product solutions both feature low thermal conductivity, energy savings and contribute to reducing lining thickness in your chosen applications. 

WDS technology is a highly efficient manufacturing process producing custom engineered solutions for specific application needs with the lowest possible thicknesses in furnace design, drastically increasing the usable volume and reducing the required energy due to its outstanding thermal retention capacity. 

WDS and BTU microporous provide a wide variety of industrial application solutions requiring efficient thermal insulation for the improvement of their products. Our microporous products offer innovative insulation systems for the automotive and rail industry, and insulation of offshore oil pipelines. 

The right shape is as important as the thermal solution. 

We have developed a broad range of different application-specific products in order to meet the demands of a wide variety of markets. Our products are available as:

WDS Ultra WDS High

WDS LamdaFlex

WDS Ultra WDS High WDS LambdaFlex®
WDS LamdaFlex Super WDS Flexipor WDS MultiFlex
WDS LambdaFlex Super WDS Flexipor® WDS MultiFlex™
WDS Granulate    
WDS Granulate    
BTU Board BTU Panel BTU Flexible
BTU Board BTU Panel BTU Flexible

WDS and BTU microporous insulation features: 

  • Low thermal conductivity and low thermal mass for effective energy savings in thermal applications
  • Wide range of thicknesses, shapes, facings and encapsulations ensure optimal solutions for all applications
  • Microporous material is easy to machine to size and shape for efficient installation even in awkward spaces 

Contact us for more information on our WDS and BTU range of microporous insulating products, or to discuss the requirements for your application.