Passive Fire Protection solutions

FireMaster® Passive Fire Protection solutions designed for applications ranging from Cable Trays in Industrial plants, Duct Wraps in Building and Construction and monolithics for Tunnel linings.

Fire Protection Insulation

Our FireMaster products are high-performing fire insulation materials offering high-temperature fire resistance, weight and space savings with simple installation. Our engineered fire protection systems typically employ these properties in the oil, gas and chemical production, building and tunnel construction and shipbuilding industries. 

The FireMaster range of products features:

  • High temperature 1200°C (2192°F) fire-rated
  • Reliable and long lasting; do not become brittle or shrink in-service
  • Fully encapsulated in reinforced aluminium facings for easy handling and installation
  • Less than 25/50 Smoke and Flame Rating (ASTM E84)
  • Patented low bio-persistence Alkaline Earth Silicate (AES) fibres for safer handling 

FireMaster products are used in the construction, transport and petrochemical processing sectors, for a wide range of passive fire protection duties. Some typical applications for FireMaster products include:

  • Commercial kitchen grease ducts
  • Air ventilation ducts
  • Life safety ducts
  • Stairway pressurization ducts
  • Clothes dryer exhaust ducts
  • Hazardous fume and chemical exhaust ducts
  • Trash and linen chutes
  • T-Rating Collar for Firestop Systems
  • Limit smoke and flame in plenums
  • Electrical circuit integrity protection
  • Structural steel beams and columns 

We work with our customers to engineer fire protection systems to individual specifications. For more information on FireMaster fire protection products or to discuss the requirements of your application, contact us today.