FireMaster FastWrap XL and Duct Wrap products

FireMaster® FastWrap XL and Duct Wrap products for Building and Construction applications provide excellent fire protection properties, are thin, lightweight and foil encapsulated for fast, easy installation.

Whatever your application in Building and Construction, our FireMaster Duct Wrap solutions provide tested, highly capable, easy to install and cost-effective passive fire protection solutions. All of our FireMaster products have been fully tested and meet international standards, ensuring that your duct work is suitably protected in the event of fire.

Flexible and thin, FastWrap XL is easily wrapped around ducts and provides effective sound absorptions and fire protection. The fibres which make up FastWrap XL duct wrap are rated to 1200⁰C whilst being completely inorganic and non-combustible.

FireMaster Duct Wraps are fully encapsulated with reinforced aluminium foil and as such is suitable for wide ranging applications including air ventilation, hazardous chemical exhausts and even clothes dryer and commercial kitchen grease ducts. The full encapsulation also makes installation much cleaner and faster, further reducing labour costs.

FireMaster Duct Wraps are especially designed for fire insulation of wide variety of duct work offering key advantages:

  • Fully encapsulated in aluminium foil for cleaner installation and resistance to grease or moisture ingress in service
  • Inorganic and non-combustible – no smoke or toxic gas emission in a fire
  • Thin and lightweight product stable up to 1200°C
  • Good acoustic and thermal insulation properties
  • Flexible wrap offering simpler installation with quickly-fitted band-strap fixing
  • Comprehensive fire testing and approvals to international standards
  • Suitable for ventilation, commercial kitchen, chemical exhaust, clothes dryer duct fire insulation

FireMaster FastWrap XL

FastWrap XL is thin, flexible and has been developed specifically to provide the highest performance fire insulation of kitchen grease duct and air ventilation duct work worldwide. 

FireMaster FastDoor XL

A fire tested duct access/inspection door solution with built-in fire insulation providing fire performance equal to the FastWrap XL duct wrap and integral to the kitchen grease and air ventilation duct work system.

FireMaster DryerWrap

A flexible wrap system developed for dryer venting ducting in multi-unit housing where dryer exhaust ducting passes through multiple fire rated compartments before venting to outside the building.

FireMaster PlenumWrap

A flexible wrap developed for reducing the spread of flame and smoke emission in a fire of plastic pipes or any structure carrying plastic coated cables. PlenumWrap provides highly-efficient thermal insulation to maintain the pipe or cable coating temperature below the critical level at which flame or smoke propagation occurs.   

If you are interested in FireMaster Duct Wrap insulation solutions for your duct work, please contact us today.