Superwool XTRA is a unique low biopersistent chemistry fibre in a class of its own

Superwool® XTRA™ high temperature low biopersistent insulating fibre.

Over the last two decades, our journey of continued research and development to pursue alternatives to RCF has essentially supported the improvement of our AES low biopersistent fibres and their grades Superwool® HT and Superwool Plus, by developing manufacturing methods, raw materials, process control, in-service performance, market needs, energy saving insulation amongst many more capabilities.

Thermal Ceramics is extending its product range with a high temperature, low biopersistence fibre called Superwool® XTRA™ which has a classification temperature of 1450°C/2600°F and comparative if not better pollution resistance than RCF.

Superwool® XTRA has a unique chemistry composition that can now replace RCF 1400°C/2550°F applications with a low biopersistence, exonerated fibre.

  • Exonerated from carcinogen classification within Europe and not classified as hazardous by IARC or under any national regulations on a global basis
  • Superwool® XTRA does not form crystalline silica when exposed to high temperatures
  • Our Superwool® XTRA fibre has been proven in targeted applications, with over 4 years success. Read our case study to find out more.
  • Proven to perform better than RCF with most industrial furnace pollutants, especially alkali metals. The only exonerated fibre on the market with this performance
  • With higher thermal expansion, Superwool® XTRA™ heals shrinkage gaps in the furnace insulation as the furnace heats up. Our video shows expansion in action.
  • High melting point for high over temperature protection (>1650°C)
  • Designed to replace RCF 1400°C applications
  • Different from anything else available in the market place due to its chemical formulation

Superwool® XTRA is available in multiple forms:

Safety Data Sheets for our Superwool® XTRA™ low bio-persistent fibres can be found here.

Provides low biopersistence, high temperature, thermal insulation for specialised applications in:

  • Petrochemical
    • Ethylene cracker
    • Ammonia reformer
    • Flare stack
    • Shadow box
  • Iron & Steel
    • Tundish covers
    • Forge furnace
    • Submerged entry nozzles
    • Coking plant
  • *Ceramics & *Glass
    • Sintering furnaces
    • Furnace (fire-off)
*Selected applications only, please contact your local Thermal Ceramics expert to discuss all applications for Superwool® XTRA

Superwool® XTRA™ is made from a unique chemistry composition that allows exceptional high temperature performance.

Contact us today to learn more about using Superwool® XTRA™ in your thermal management application.

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