Microporous Insulating Products made with WDS Technology

WDS® Microporous and FireMaster® MP Microporous insulating products are designed and manufactured with WDS Technology providing a consistent engineered mineral matrix that produces superior mechanical properties, the lowest thermal conductivity and a safe high performance product.

Our journey of continued research and development to pursue a microporous insulation that is safe for handling and the environment, offers superior mechanical, physical and thermal properties, has supported the improvement of our microporous product offering. We are pleased to introduce WDS® Technology by developing a manufacturing method, raw materials, process control, in-service performance, market needs, energy saving insulation among many more capabilities.

Thermal Ceramics, a business of Morgan Advanced Materials, using our developed WDS® Technology is refreshing and extending its product range with a high temperature, high performance microporous insulation product called WDS® Microporous and FireMaster® MP Microporous.

WDS Technology is the standard for microporous manufacturing know-how producing a recyclable and safe product.

  • Environmentally safe raw materials - free from TiO2
  • Inorganic, non-combustible materials
  • Controlled, consistent engineered mineral matrix as a result of manufacturing method and raw materials
  • Superior mechanical properties with lighter weight and superior handelability are only guaranteed with WDS® Technology
  • Different from anything else available in the market place due to manufacturing process and chemical formulation

WDS® Microporous and FireMaster® MP Microporous is available in multiple product forms

WDS® Technology allows for the WDS® Microporous and FireMaster® MP Microporous high temperature, high performance products to be used across many Industrial, Energy, Marine, Transportation and Consumer Goods applications as back-up insulation or stand alone lining solutions.

Contact us today to learn more about using WDS Microporous and FireMaster MP Microporous high performance insulation made with WDS Technology in your thermal management application.

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