Structural Steel

FireMaster® Blanket provides cellulosic & hydrocarbon fire insulation to steel beams and columns to ensure they maintain load-bearing capacity in a fire, thus preventing collapse of the structure they are supporting.

Traditionally, fire insulation is required to ensure the steel temperature does not exceed 550°C, the point at which steel retains 60% of its room temperature structural strength. However, different maximum temperatures are often specified, accounting for temperature profile and load on the sections. Critical temperatures ranging between 400°C and 620°C are common, with 400°C widely used in the offshore industry.

FireMaster® Blanket is fire tested for the protection of steel sections for a variety of critical steel temperatures against both cellulosic and hydrocarbon fires.

FireMaster® Blanket Flexible Wrap

FireMaster® Blanket is ideal for wrapping steel sections in internal areas of buildings and offshore platforms. The blanket offers efficient fire insulation and benefits in installation.

Key Features

  • Tested to cellulosic and hydrocarbon fire standards for structural steel protection
  • Simple to install with a choice of band strap, welded pins or mesh substrate fixing systems
  • Ideal for complex shapes, the blanket is flexible wrapping around the steel profile
  • No special equipment required to install, perfect for smaller size projects avoiding long set-up times
  • Dry installation
  • Low waste due to minimal cutting required to fit around complex structures
  • Fast to install, no complicated fixing or preparation work
  • Low weight contribution 

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