Thermal Management Solutions for Consumer Goods and Appliances

Providing insulation solutions with market leading Superwool® low biopersistent fibres and Vacupor® Microporous vacuum insulation panels for the thermal management of consumer appliances. From household ovens to residential hot water heaters to the logs in a fireplace to cold storage equipment, Morgan Advanced Materials provides the right thermal insulation product to meet the needs of your application.

In response to market demands, manufacturers of consumer appliances are increasingly concerned with the energy efficiency of their products. They need access to cost-effective and reliable insulation materials and components for their designs. Working with the OEM engineers, we select the best product solution for your application. 

In household ovens we have found that our Superwool® low bio-persistent fibres feature an increased cavity space, improved thermal conductivity as compared to fibreglass, minimal to no shrinkage and upon heating to highest possible cycle, no brittleness or odour of the fibres.

Gas logs for fireplaces feature our monolithic materials lightweight, easily cast into moulds and rapid setting time. Additionally, the benefit of real wood appearance and the glowing characteristic of the cast log add additional value for the end user market.

From Superwool® low persistent papers, bulks, blankets, felts, or board fibres to monolithic castables, we provide solutions for your consumer appliance.

Cold Storage Appliances and Equipment

Similarly, our Vacupor® vacuum insulation panels (VIP) high-performance Microporous solutions are ideal for use in the manufacture of domestic cooling equipment. They are available in a wide range of sizes, are easy to use and can be applied with conventional polyurethane-foam systems. 

With manufacturing facilities and sales offices in more than forty countries, we are able to support global manufacturing operations. We can work with you to engineer and supply the most appropriate thermal insulation solution for your project, anywhere in the world. To discuss your application requirements, contact us today.

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