FireMaster® passive fire protection products for the marine industry provide lightweight fire insulation to steel, aluminium and Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) composite bulkheads and decks used to build cruise ships, ferries, coastal defence ships and super yachts.

Fire insulation in ships is required to maintain 'compartmentation' during a fire. Should a fire break out in, for example, a machinery space, it can be contained within the machinery space if the bulkheads and decks are sufficiently fire protected.

Steel Bulkheads and Decks

Un-insulated steel can provide a physical barrier to fire but cannot prevent heat transfer across a bulkhead or deck producing unsafe temperatures on the non-fire exposed side. Some fire rated divisions in ships are required to provide 60 minutes 'insulation' during a fire, the average temperature on the non-fire side must not rise than 140°C when the temperature at 60 minutes is over 900°C on the fire exposed side.

Aluminium and FRP Composite Bulkheads and Decks

For structures built using aluminium or FRP, the performance demands of fire insulation are increased because these materials do not have the same fire resistance as steel and therefore require more fire insulation to achieve equivalent fire resistance. Aluminium or FRP materials are usually used because of their low weight. The addition of large amounts of fire insulation on these structures can add unacceptable excess weight.

Some steel ships with large superstructures also require lightweight fire insulation to avoid stability problems. Consequently, light weight fire insulation is becoming more and more critical in ship design.

Some naval vessels can be exposed to high-temperature hydrocarbon fuel fires. This type of fire is more severe than the fire defined in the regulations used for commercial ships (IMO SOLAS for example), reaching 1100°C within 15 minutes. Traditional materials used for fire insulation in ships have maximum service temperatures below 1000°C.

FireMaster® Bulkhead and Deck Systems

Our FireMaster® Marine Plus blanket systems for the fire protection of bulkheads and decks in ships provide an answer to all the problems of fire insulation in ships due to the unique combination of features offered:

  • Exceptionally low weight material – A60 steel deck requires 2.4 kg/m² insulation
  • Non-toxic material meets UK MOD requirements
  • Does not contain any chemical binder and therefore will not generate smoke in a fire
  • 1200°C rated insulation material can be used for hydrocarbon fire protection
  • DNV and MED approved for steel, aluminium and FRP composite fire protection
  • Installation methods are optimised for ease and speed of fitting on board
  • Provides high levels of sound reduction, sound absorption and thermal insulation

Floating Floors

The FireBarrier 135 A60 floating floor system is a cementitious floor system for ships with lower weight than traditional cement-based systems.

If you are interested in using any of the FireMaster® products mentioned above or if you would like to discuss the potential for our lightweight fire protection within a marine setting, please get in touch.

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