Fire Resisting Divisions

FireMaster® range of passive fire protection solutions for bulkheads, decks and floors within marine environments such as ships and offshore platforms.

To enable fire protection within marine environments we can provide the following: 

FireMaster® Marine Plus Bulkhead and Deck Systems

Low weight, easy installation and density as low as 48kg/m³ ensures suitability for vessels where the weight of construction materials is critical, or for offshore structures where topside weight must be minimal. See this system.

The FireMaster® FireBarrier™ 135 Floating Floor System

A60 fire protection with only 20mm thickness and lower weight than traditional cementitious floor systems.

FireMaster® Marine Plus Blanket

A flexible material which wraps around the structure to allow the easy insulation of even complex shapes without the need for excessive cutting of the blanket or extra supporting anchoring. Saving both installation time and material wastage.

Key advantages of FireMaster® Marine Plus bulkhead and deck systems include:

  • Typical weight saving of 30% compared to traditional materials
  • Binder-free insulation that will not generate smoke or toxic gasses in a fire
  • Based on a 1200°C rated material
  • Tested and approved for both traditional marine (A Class) and offshore hydrocarbon (H Class) applications
  • Type Approved for fire protection of steel, lightweight aluminium and FRP composite structures

FireMaster® Marine Plus Blanket:

  • Satisfies fire, thermal and acoustic insulation requirements
  • Is available from strategically DNV-approved manufacturing plants worldwide, minimising transport and warehousing logistics

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