Thermal Management and Passive Fire Protection Solutions for Process Equipment in Oil & Gas

FireMaster® Marine Plus Blanket is used in custom-engineered systems manufactured by Morgan's Thermal Ceramics Business to protect valves, actuators and flanges, it also forms the basis of various systems for insulating critical plant equipment in the offshore or chemical industries against hydrocarbon and jet fires.

FireMaster® Marine Plus Blanket is a 1200°C resistant insulation material able to withstand the high temperatures generated in hydrocarbon fuel fires. With mechanical protection, it can also resist the high erosive forces from impinging jet fires.

FireMaster® Marine Plus Blanket has much lower thermal conductivity than traditional fibre insulation materials, providing hydrocarbon and jet fire protection with lower weight or less thickness; critical for offshore applications where topside weight needs to be minimised or space between equipment is limited. It also provides acoustic and thermal insulation as well as insulation against fire and when combined with our Microporous insulation materials, very thin systems can be engineered.

As an inert insulation material, not heat-reactive, it can be applied on equipment operating at any temperature. Unlike with cement-based or intumescent fire insulation, it can be installed at any ambient temperature. Fully foil-encapsulated or water repellent grades of the blanket are also available.

Fire Protection of steel piping

FireMaster® Marine Plus Blanket has been fire tested for the fire protection of pipes for up to for 3 hours in hydrocarbon fires according to the EN13381-4 standard. The system consists of FireMaster® Marine Plus Blanket 128 kg/m³ density wrapped around the pipe and held in place with steel wire. Exterior cladding is applied for mechanical and weather protection.

The same system is also fire tested against jet fires up to 180 minutes duration to the ISO 22899-1 test standard using a 0.6mm stainless steel cladding to provide protection against the impinging jet.

Both systems provide an alternative to custom-made jacket systems and are:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to engineer
  • Cost-effective

FireMaster® RES System

The FireMaster® Rigid Enclosure System consists of a stainless steel enclosure incorporating FireMaster® Marine Plus Blanket and our Microporous insulation. It is fire tested for Jet fire protection of valves, actuators and pipe flanges to ISO 22899-1 standard for up to 60 minutes.

The FireMaster® RES is custom manufactured usually in two symmetrical 'half-shell' pieces to fit around the item requiring protection and can incorporate ventilation and water drain features if required.

  • Easy fitting and removal is ensured through a simple clip fixing system with fire sealing materials incorporated into the shells.
  • The robust stainless steel casing is especially suitable for use in weather-exposed areas, providing longer-life in service than flexible jacket systems.
  • Very low equipment critical temperatures can be met using the FireMaster® RES System for jet fire protection:
    • 40°C in a 30 minutes jet fire
    • 150°C in a 60 minutes jet fire

FireMaster® Vessel Fire Protection System 

FireMaster® Marine Plus Blanket is applied to process vessels (flare drums, separator vessels etc) to ensure they retain structural integrity in hydrocarbon fuel fires.

The system uses a substrate of wire mesh fixed to the vessel, with strands of the mesh cut to form anchor pins over which the FireMaster® Blanket is impaled. The mesh is fixed to the vessel by twisting adjacent sheets together, an important feature as welded fixings are not allowed.

Key features include:

  • Weather-protective cladding is applied over the system using ring supports.
  • Fire tested in hydrocarbon pool fires for 3 hours.
  • Fire tested to ISO 22899-1 Jet Fire Test Standard for 180 minutes with "JF/pressure vessels/195/180" rating
  • An inert insulation material
  • Ideally suited for vessels operating at above-ambient temperatures where heat-reactive fire protection materials cannot be used without secondary insulation being first applied around the vessel
  • Blanket also provides thermal insulation for the vessel as well as fire insulation

FireMaster® FlexiJet System

The FireMaster® FlexiJet System is a flexible jacket system comprising FireMaster® Marine Plus Blanket, temperature resistant textiles and a weather resistant outer textile material. It is used for the fire protection of structural items such as steel pipes or structural steel against jet fires. The system is tested to ISO 22899-1 standard for up to 55 minutes structural protection.

Flexible systems are lighter in weight than rigid enclosures and typically used where regulations do not require metallic enclosures to be fitted but an easily removable system is still desired.

The jacket is fixed in place using velcro type fastening and secured with stainless steel banding straps. A small cover piece is used to cover the joints where adjacent jackets are fitted together. The FireMaster® FlexiJet jacket is therefore very easy to remove for pipe inspection etc.

If you are interested in using FireMaster® products and solutions within process equipment applications contact us today to discuss your needs.

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