Microporous high performance insulation for high temperature applications

A world leading manufacturer and supplier of high performance, high temperature Microporous insulation, Min-K® and WDS®, feature a broad portfolio of innovative products, which are among the best insulation materials currently available in thermal management and fire protection.

Optimise Space – Save Energy - Reduce Weight.

With our engineered high-performance insulating materials, our product managers and applications engineering teams will work with you to develop a single design solution with WDS® Microporous or multi-solution design with WDS® Microporous and other materials to ensure that your application not only saves space for increased through-put, but will deliver improved energy efficiencies immediately and long-term.

High Temperature Microporous Insulation

With our Microporous high-performance insulating materials, we help to save energy and offer solutions that create more space due to low thickness for use in the most demanding high temperature environments such as aerospace, industrial applications and low temperature cryogenic and refrigeration applications. 

Our Microporous insulation product solutions are marketed as:

  • Min-K® for Aerospace applications
  • WDS® for industrial, transportation, and consumer applications
  • Vacupor® for low temperature cryogenic and refrigeration applications

Microporous products are a composition of silica, fibres, and specially developed infrared opacifiers which reduce thermal transport processes by absorption and reflection of radiant heat. 

Key features and benefits of Microporous products are: 

  • Exceptional thermal efficiency
  • Low weight with high compression strength
  • Increases operational volumes 

Our Microporous insulation products for are used to protect equipment, conserve energy and improve process performance in some of the most demanding high temperature industrial and aerospace environments in the world. Typical applications include: 

  • Ladle lining solutions for metals production
  • Heat shields in aerospace
  • Furnace lining back-up insulation
  • Process piping insulation 

We can help you to improve the thermal efficiency and integrity of your systems. We have extensive applications experience and can work with you to engineer the optimum thermal management solution for your application. For more information and to discuss your requirements, contact us.

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