Superwool XTRA Low Biopersistent Fibre for Iron & Steel

Low thermal conductivity and thermal mass, low density and ease of installation are all critical when choosing an insulation lining for your iron and steel kiln.

Our new low biopersistence fibre, Superwool® XTRA™ , has all of these critical properties and also uniquely does not form crystalline silica in use, making it exonerated from any carcinogenic classification under Nota Q of Directive 97/69EC.

With a classification temperature of 1450°C and high pollution resistance, Superwool® XTRA™ was tested in a real-life field trial for our Iron and Steel customer, Dillinger. The trial used stack modules in shuttle kilns operating at 1280°C. The results proved the superior performance of Superwool® XTRA in this harsh environment, due to its excellent superior thermal shock resistance, low thermal conductivity and handleability. Read more on our field trial with Dillinger in the full technical article here.

To find out how Superwool® XTRA can be used in your iron and steel application, contact us today.

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