Superwool XTRA Product Forms

Our Superwool® XTRA™ low biopersistence fibre is available in various product forms, to ensure suitability for a multitude of thermal insulation applications.

Superwool® XTRA™ Stack Modules

Superwool® Pyro-Stack Modules comprise strips of high-quality spun fibre blanket, compressed and banded with plastic strips and Superwool® XTRA™ Stack Modules including two stainless steel tubes mounted transversely through the strips remote from the hot face. They can be anchored to the furnace casing in any one of three standard versions, Y, M, and T.

In the Y module, the tubes are connected with a central, internal yoke, which includes a stainless-steel stud and aluminium extension tube.  This version is installed directly onto a metal plate casing, without pre-welding, using the special Pyro Bloc stud gun. It offers the fastest installation rates of any currently available modules.

The M module also includes the central yoke, which is fitted onto pre-welded studs using the special M module stud locating equipment.

The T module is anchored with a pre-studded, external, side-fix yoke.

M and T modules are used where the lining specification calls for either or both a backing blanket and anti-corrosion treatment of the casing.

Superwool® XTRA Paper

Superwool® XTRAPaper is made of Superwool® XTRA™ Bulk Fibres and organic binders. Superwool® XTRA™ Paper is specially processed to offer excellent performance in high-temperature applications. It provides stability and resistance to chemical attack and is unaffected by incidental spills of oil or water. Thermal and physical properties of the material are also are restored after drying.

It has excellent thermal insulation characteristics and exceptional handling properties. Very flexible and resistant to tearing, Superwool® XTRA Paper is particularly suited to all applications requiring further processing (laminated composites, die-cutting, rolling, folding).

The organic binder burns out cleanly on the first firing at approximately 300°C (572°F), with ignition starting at 180°C (356°F).

Superwool® XTRA Unifelt™

Superwool® XTRA Unifelt™ is made of low bio-persistent Superwool® XTRA fibres compositions with upgraded performances , bonded with an organic binder which begins to burn out on exposure to 180-200°C (356-392°F) and which imparts high strength prior to heating. It shows excellent flexibility properties which give good dimensional resilience after compression and make utilisation of the boards or cut pieces very easy where rigid products are unsuitable.

Superwool® XTRA Unifelt™ is supplied in a wide range of thickness combining light weight, high heat resistance, low thermal conductivity with high sound absorption properties.

To find out which product form is best for your application, contact us today.

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