Vacuspeed VIP - The Modular Insulation System for the Building Industry

Welcome to Vacuspeed®, the modular system developed from our Vacupor® Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIP) for the commercial and residential building construction market.

High-efficiency surface insulation can be realised quickly, easily and flexibly with the ingenious Vacuspeed® VIP Modular System. Vacuspeed® VIP Modular System was developed to fulfill even more closely the specific requirements of the building and construction practice.

Vacuspeed®, developed from the market leading Vacupor® Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIP) has been successfully used for high-efficiency insulation in various industrial fields for many years. The excellent insulation values from our VIP product offering has consistently proven performance in many applications, including the building and construction industry.

Vacuspeed® VIP - Modular System

With the Vacuspeed® Modular System, we offer fast, easy and flexible modular highly efficient insulation of surfaces. Now with four versions now available for your application:


Vacuspeed® XPS

Vacuspeed® RP


It was discovered based on calculations that the most diverse surface geometries can be insulated for the most part using only four standardized Vacuspeed® sizes. The few boundary sections, which are circumferentially, are very easily filled with a cuttable PU-foam strip.

This drastically reduces the effort in terms of planning. Owing to the outstanding properties of Vacuspeed®, the U-value, measured over the entire area, remains at a very high level with a rated value* of 0.007 W/m•K in comparison to considerably thicker conventional materials.

Let us help you identify the Vacuspeed® solutions for your next project. 

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