Handling and Installation is fast and efficient with Vacuspeed

Vacuspeed® Modular System is an effective, fast, easy and flexible insulation solution.

Customised, fast and effective insulation

Rooms are often not rectangular and offer surprises with openings or internal corners. Vacuspeed® – the engineered modular grid system allows installation with commonly encountered layouts.
Time-consuming manufacture of VIP special sizes is not required with Vacuspeed®. The laying pattern should not have any cross-joints and should preferably be laid with the largest sizes first. The smaller sizes usually make up the peripheries. The missing edge areas – a maximum of 15 cm circumferentially – are simply fitted in using a cuttable PU-foam strip.

More efficient performance

Vacuspeed® is a tremendously efficient insulating material both in terms of insulating effect and handling. Provided the simple working instructions are observed, it will be possible to achieve very good solutions with Vacuspeed® quickly, easily and flexibly and elegantly solve the majority of problems in the building structure. An even better insulating effect is obtained by installing multiple layers of Vacuspeed®. Floor construction is subsequently performed in the conventional manner.

Measure and trim PU-Foam boundary strips

Flexible boundary strip adjustment

Dual-layer installation

Conventional floor construction

For detailed installation of the Vacuspeed® Modular System, view our Vacuspeed® Modular Systems Manual.

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