Microporous Product and Systems with WDS Technology

Our WDS® Technology is now manufactured on three continents producing WDS Microporous and FireMaster® MP Microprous products and systems bringing best-in-class key performance properties expected from microporous insulation.

Our WDS Microporous and FireMaster MP Microporous products and systems feature:

  • Consistent mineral matrix distribution leading to superior handling and machining properties
  • Very best thermal performances through optimised porosity special blend opacificers
  • Superior mechanical properties with lighter weight and 100% Rutile (TiO2) free

Our core formulations each have unique features and key benefits to meet the demands of your application. Learn more reviewing our products below or contact us and speak with one of our team to develop the best primary or backup lining solution for your application.

WDS Microporous Offering

Boards Panels Quilted Flexible Granulate
WDS Nextra® Board WDS Nextra Panel WDS MultiFlex® Plus WDS LambdaFlex® Super WDS Granulate
WDS Ultra Plus Board WDS Ultra Plus Panel WDS MultiRoll WDS LambdaFlex® Shell
WDS Ultra Board     WDS Flexipor® WDS Nextra® Shell
WDS Shape     WDS SuperFlex WDS UltraShell

FireMaster MP Microporous Offering

FireMaster MarineFlex FireMaster MP Board FireMaster MP Panel FireMaster MP Shell

Find out more about our WDS Microporous Solutions:

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