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With excellent thermal performance and a competitive cost structure, Morgan's Vacupor® Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP) technology, is the ideal thermal management insulator for both the perishable products and cold chain life sciences industries.

Our high performing, Vacupor microporous material-based cores can be used to increase energy efficiency in various applications. Due to their performance and design flexibility they also provide other application opportunities:

  • Enabling increased volume of products to be stored in commercial and domestic refrigerators
  • Allowing for goods to be transported for longer or over further distances in temperature-controlled transportation systems
  • Supports a reduction in package size and weight for insulated shipping containers in the cold chain life sciences.

Major competitive advantages can therefore be achieved by incorporating panels in the design of your products and systems. Our Vacupor VIP technology solutions have outstanding experience in serving customers seeking a more sustainable and reliable solution for their temperature-controlled packaging needs.

Our capabilities continue to evolve with industry demands. Let's work together to develop sustainable cold storage solutions.